Q: Sometimes I cannot turn my ignition key when I try to start my Toyota any idea why this happens?

A: When you parked your vehicle two things happened. The front tires were turned a little left or right and the vehicle moved a little after you took your foot off the brake. You can prevent this by using the emergency brake, yes even if you have a automatic transmission, which prevent the vehicle from moving if applied before you take your foot off the brake. If you find that the key can't move then move the steering wheel left and right while turning the key and it will free up.

Q: I hear a rattle under vehicle mostly at idle in gear, it goes away when I am driving any idea?

A: If your Toyota is three or four years old the heat shield welds have rusted and the rattle is the result. These shields normally are not needed and can be removed and discarded.

Q: My 91 Camry makes noise from the rear one small bumps. I listened to "Click and Clack" on the radio and they said that I will need new rear struts, what do you think?

A: I think that any radio personality should stick to music and weather. You should have your Camry looked at by a dealer or reliable service person to see if the rear struts are leaking. If no leaks are found then replace the rear sway bar bushings. Many struts have been replaced only to have the same noise still there. This holds true for Avalon, Lexus or any Toyota with rear sway bars. You can also save $300.00.

Q: My T100 rear body has started to sag quite a bit and if loaded almost bottoms out.

A: The earlier models had springs that were weak and Toyota will replace them if yours qualifies. The Tacoma 4x4 has a different problem in that one of the rear leaf springs will crack. These also can be replaced if inspected with an upgraded spring. You may think that you are out of warranty but remind the dealer that this is a safety issue and contact Toyota for assistance, they almost always pay the whole amount.

Q: My 93 Corolla has one of the power windows stop working. The dealer says that it will cost $295.00 to fix what can I do.

A: This problem is common on that year Corolla and some Camrys. If your are a "good customer" the dealer may contact the factory on your behalf for assistance. The dealer also is installing the complete window regulator and motor what they aren't telling you is that just the regulator is available. If the repair is done with just the regulator the total cost can he $140.00.

Q: My 97 Camry left front power window will not go up as easy as the rest and more often than not comes out of the window frame. My dealer says that there is not adjustment can you help. PD.

A: The window you are having problems with is the same one most of 97-98 Camry owners are or will have problems with. The dealer is correct in that there is no adjustment but some modifications can help. Its very important to know that the window run or seal has to be free of dirt or sand that it picks up, these particles act as a brake and by cleaning and using a small amount of silicone will help. If you have damaged your left outside mirror and it needed to be replaced its is quite possible that the front window run is bent and is causing the problem, you may need to take it to the dealer to be straightened.Last but not least is when all else fails the door panel will have to come off and the window regulator will have to be unbolted at the rear. The lower mounting bolt has a hole that the bolt goes through the door panel and this hole needs to be elongated down about 1/4 of an inch. Its not hard and will compensate for the "non-adjustable" window regulator. Update: Since I reported this a year ago Toyota has come out with this explanation and repair. Visit update for more information.

Q: I'm having problems with the right sliding door on my Sienna. The dealer has tried but it will still not always open from the inside. DAM.

A: This is a great vehicle but as more are on the road some of these type of problems are starting to show up. Toyota is trying to change the door handle assembly on the inside and outside. By now 7/00 the problem has gone away. If your left or right door handle button is still sticking in the dealer can make a simple adjustment at the handle. It just requires lubricating the pivoit point for the button and it corrects the condition.

Q: I have a 1995 Toyota Tacoma. My seat belts are driving me crazy!! They are always locking up. Most of the time I can't even get the drivers belt to come down. I fight with it every time I get in the truck. Then once I get it down and on, I can't lean forward cause it is locked up again. It is a law in our state to wear seat belts as I am sure it is in most. I am so used to wearing seat belts that I just don't feel right without it on so I will sit in the driveway or where ever for up to 10 minutes trying to get it down!! The passenger side is the same way. Do you know anything about this problem? Have you come across this before? Is there anything I can do about it? Any information you could give me would be great! Lori

A:I normally don't hear of this problem in that they lock up when pulling out. The biggest problem is that they don't retract very well.

If you have taken this to a dealer and they verify that they lock up too easily then even though you are out of warranty they can get authorization to replace the belts (you are out of warranty now). This may take some explaining and respectful perseverance but it will work if needed.

The other reason for your problem is that your seat position or if you are a large person you are reaching the end of the belt and it is designed to lock up toward the end. If this is the case you will need to have them order the seat belt extender length you require (don't take this too personally). The extender is free and can be ordered from the service department.

Q: Recently my mother was driving my car and backed into a car (slowly thank goodness) and on the corner of the bumper the paint has peeled off in a small line and some smaller places below that Do you know I can fix this? Mindy

A: The bumper did what it was supposed to do. It absorbed the slight impact but since it was a little more than it could stand it "stretched" too far and the lines or cracks appear. The only way to repair this is to have the rear bumper repaired professionally. It will be a little expensive and the process is unique since the paint is elastic. Depending on how bad it looks and how you feel about looking at it will be your guide on the value of the repair.

Sienna rear washer dribbe. It turns out that Toyota changed the spout in the rear washer in the late 99 and early 00 model Sienna's. In doing so they now realize that the fluid may dribble out when warm weather heats the fluid in the line that runs along the roof or just be pulled out while driving.
It does make a mess and the white reside is unsightly but they have a fix.
Toyota has finally come out with a correction and acknowledged the problem the part # is 85321-26030 and any dealer can order the part. Its not difficult to install and if your vehicle is under warranty it can be done at no charge to you. Click here for the solution. 7/28/00

Sienna sliding door rattles. If you own a Sienna sooner or later you will hear some noises behind your ear, you know the noise that every one comments on. If you want to get rid of them click here for the solution.