Dealer vs Other Shops


I have mentioned that I and with a Toyota Dealer so this is near and dear to my heart. In my opinion there is no reason not to go to a Toyota dealer for all of your maintenance needs whether it for an oil change or engine repair.

You may not have noticed but in the last 6 years there has been a tremendous growth in Quick type service facilities throughout your area. They all advertise the same items, oil change, brakes, exhaust, tires and so on. These are actually aimed at the American made vehicles and they may serve a purpose in an emergency, meaning you broke down in front of one and there was no dealer around.

The Toyota dealers are priced as competitive as these Quick type service types and in most cases even less and they use the correct parts for your vehicle. At my dealership we change oil and give your vehicle a quick over (top off and fill all fluids as needed) for $19.95, the Quick lube averages $38.00 when they get through with the "other things found", sound familiar.

Dealers, if they are any good do not make a profit on doing just an oil change, nobody can make a profit using quality parts and trained people, but we do so much else and do it well that our business is built on customer locality.

Customers have more protection when dealing with a Toyota dealer. We have Toyota's warranty for any parts failure, many parts have a lifetime warranty. We're trained on your specific vehicle and we are a local business. Its very important to us how you feel about our service and how you were treated. Remember we want you to stay with Toyota and buy from us.

In summary, unless your Toyota dealer is out in left field then stay with them and establish yourself, become friends and you will be surprised how well you will be treated.