Q: I've got an exhaust leak from my Corolla engine area more so when I first start then it gets quieter.

A: If you have a Corolla between 90-93 then have your Toyota dealer inspect for a cracked exhaust manifold. this is common and is easily replaced. This engine is also in some Celcia's and they have the same problem. I'm not sure why it cracks but except for casting faults in the manifold then water hitting the very hot surface can also cause problem.

Q: I was driving my 92 Camry 4 cyl and the front exhaust pipe broke at the manifold, is this normal?

A: They were known to break at the flange that bolts to the exhaust manifold. Its a little unusual but most dealers keep the part in stock meaning that they see at least six uses per year.

Q: I shopped for an new exhaust for my 92 Corolla and found that Midas was cheaper, why is the dealer more expensive?

A:This gap is narrowing and in most parts of the country the Toyota dealer is priced very close or less than the muffler speciality stores. The biggest difference is the Warranty. Toyota warranties ,if a dealer installs the exhaust, for the life of the part (must be same ownership) and replaces the failed part covering parts and labor. The others only cover the pipes for 1 year and the muffler for lifetime. In my experience the pipes go first and since inexpensive piping is used to reduce expense you will wind up paying again. so in the long run which was more expensive. Toyota has started to use mufflers and mid pipes that are produced in the states these are different than original equipment but the warranty remains lifetime.

Q: I was told by a repair shop that my 88 Camry has two mufflers, is this true? If so what can I expect the cost of replacement to be.

A: Your Camry has one muffler. The shop may be thinking that the mid pipe is a muffler. I would strongly suggest that you visit a Toyota dealer and have the repair done there. You will then have a lifetime warranty for all pipes that attach to the muffler, the "shop" can only give you a warranty on the muffler. The price is normally $140.00 for a non-stainless steel muffler anywhere in the country.