Q: I purchased my Toyota at a dealer some distance from where I live is the warranty good at my local dealer?

A: Yes the warranty is good at any Toyota dealer in the US. If you find yourself north of the border it will be honored there also.

Q: Is it normal for a dealer to charge a fee to check my vehicle for a problem that is under warranty.

A: No they should not charge. I will be the first to admit that Toyota repair times are not realistic but those are the rules we play by for now. The only reason for a charge is if you have installed or modified your Toyota that prevent normal access to the repaired area.

Q: I've received a post card telling me that should call for important information regarding my Toyota's warranty. What does this mean?

A: This is Toyota dealer in NJ that constantly mails out these scary notices to 2 to 3 year old Toyota owners. They are trying to sell you Toyota Extra Care mechanical insurance or one of there homegrown programs.
I am in favor of Toyota Extra Care and you should contact your local dealer he can give you all the details. If you have owned your vehicle less than 3 years you can qualify to purchase. DO NOT PURCHASE any mechanical policy that is not Toyota. The reason is that it may not be accepted at all dealers and that is the last thing you want to hear when your car breaks down.

Q: My dealer offers a maintenance program that will cover all normal maintenance up to 60,000 miles, is this a good idea?

A: If you plan on staying in your area for the next 3-5 years and use that dealer for our maintenance then yes it is probably priced fairly. You can ask for a service menu for your vehicle and estimate of total costs and compare for yourself. You may find that the plan follows the basic factory plan and the service department recommends some additional items that you may purchase as needed. The biggest NEGATIVE is if you leave that area or are traveling that plan is worthless to you unless you ask up front those "what if" questions.