I guess I look at it this way. If someone were to save me hundreds of dollars, put my mind at ease or give me a direction to go in the world of mystery called auto repair, then $5.00 or $10.00 would be well worth it.

Do I know what I'm talking about? Yes, especially since I spent the last 12 years gathering information on the normal and abnormal problems that befall the Toyota products.

Can I get the information elsewhere for nothing? Yes of course but who is the source. There are many good people out there on the net that can help. For 3 years I did not charge but the volume became too great. I am probably one of the "top" people in this area or expertise on the web (in my opinion and some other people), I have helped thousands of owners and some dealers with technical problems with their Toyota's.

What do I get for my money? Since the charge will discourage some people I will be able to spend more time going into detail and do it the same day or the next depending on when the question is received.

Say you don't know the answer do I have to pay? No. If I don't know or are not sure then I will tell you up front and you will not be out anything.

Technical information directly from Toyota. You can go to http://techinfo.toyota.com and get to see all the on-line information available at the dealerships. I can only guess that it is the same information, since I have not paid the fee required to view the site. The fees are; $10 per day - $50 per month - $350 per year (such a deal).

I am a tech at a dealer or shop do I have to pay? No. As a rule I have if I can offer some assistance it is done as a courtesy with the hope that I receive some feedback on the results and you become part of the network of tech's I have developed.