Welcome Dealer Personnel

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This may be the first attempt to organize our efforts to begin sharing repair information and ideas. My goal is to improve our departments operation and vehicle repair procedures.

This area is designed for Dealership and T-Ten personnel and all information is for that purpose. I know that anyone can access this page and possibly draw inaccurate conclusions from the items contained here. The purpose is to share information among trained Toyota professionals not the general public. My hopes are that Toyota Motor Company will notice this internet site and offer some assistance which will allow faster responses and more detailed explanations to current problems. In the future I will set up an area that will be more secure for a greater range of discussion for service managers, parts managers and technicians.

I really am looking forward to the technicians comments and what ideas you have. Send those unusual situations that you've solved that the "tech line" may not recommend.

If you are having a problem let me know and I can post it so others visiting this site may be able to help. Our dealership has several master techs and my "volunteers" from around the country will try to help also. Wouldn't it be nice to have a problem and then get the solution the same or the next day, and have it actually work.